Hi Lee
Really happy with our sign and think it is the perfect finishing touch to our property.
Many thanks

Colin Patrick

“Even before I had placed my order I was impressed with the speed and courtesy with which Lee answered a query I had about the house number. Actually placing the order online was really simple using the very clear website and the order came a couple of days afterwards. When the package arrived it was very well packed and included very simple to follow instructions. Fixing the house number was simplicity itself, requiring only 5 holes (including one for the cable) and all of the fixings were supplied. The back plate is used to site the holes making alignment virtually foolproof.

The house number itself is very clear; looking good in the daytime and amazing at night. I have placed mine over my garage door and it generates enough light to be able to see to unlock the door at night. So overall I am very pleased and consider the product to be excellent value for money. I have no connection with Lee Norwood or his company except as a very satisfied customer.”

Kind regards


John Stout

Hi Lee

Please find attached a day and a night photo as requested.

It is an excellent product, we are extremely pleased with it. It is perfect for our house as generally a lot of people have problems finding us and a bonus it can be seen plainly from the main road.



Angela Wright

Hi Lee

Here are some pics and a review:

“I’m very pleased with my LED house number. It’s very visible day and night – the LED illumination is very bright – and it looks very smart. Installation was straightforward.” Danny, Cambridgeshire.

Kind regards


J D Dicks

We are very pleased with house sign and think it makes our house look great.

Carol & Tony Lewis

We recently ordered a personalised illuminated sign for the front of our building. We were very happy with the service and how prompt our sign’s delivery was. The sign is unique to our company, stands out at night, looks professional and very energy efficient. It doesn’t use any electricity in the day and comes on automatically at night when it is dark. It is perfect for our busy Autumn and Winter seasons with deliveries and customers, as finding us now will be much easier in those darker days and nights. We are very pleased with our brilliant and bold sign, which is also complimented with quick and friendly customer service. Overall it is a fantastic purchase. Thank you.

Potters Superstore

Anstey & Wigston

Really pleased with my new house number. Quick installation and clear and easy to read at night.

Mrs V Morgan

Not only have I got a number outside my house I have a security light as well, it also enhances the whole look of my property thanks again.

John Dilkes

We recently had the ‘Lee’ illuminated House Number fitted to our house and we are extremely happy with this product. Not only does the house number illuminate automatically at dusk and switch off at dawn, the light is bright enough to light up the front of the house so we can see who is at our door at night.

There are no batteries to worry about, it plugs straight into the mains and used minimal electricity. All in all the item is attractive and we never miss out on our takeaways because our number is highly visible at night!

Great product, would recommend this to everyone.


Russ Sykes

We installed our L.E.D house number at our old property and now at our new property, The product is brilliant and we love it, it’s really good quality the LED lights up the driveway which is great for people trying to find our house as we live in a cul-de-sac, Next door as shown an interest in getting one made for his house, we are hoping he orders one and the rest of the cul-de-sac soon.

Thanks Lee

Liam and Vicky